Trying to get Multisites working

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I have a dedicated server that is sitting on hosted provider that is running Linux and Apache version 2.4.51 and PHP Version 7.4.24.

I currently have one main domain running with the single site version of WordPress and 4 subdomains also running single site versions of WordPress.

I am trying to install
The hosting company is concerned that it might cause a problem with the current cPanel that is installed which is version 98.0 (build 9) and I could lose access to the setups for the other domains on the site.
Anyone has any thoughts in this matter and also if I change to a server that is running Microsoft is that any better to install Multisites on?

Hi @Turbochip,

Thanks for your interest in using Bitnami. Unfortunately, we don’t support cPanel, but we have a control script to manage the services in our installation. As mentioned in your other thread linked below, we think it is better and easier to use Linux.

We also recommend you to use a different new server to install the Bitnami stack, and migrate your sites information to the new server instead of reusing your current one

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