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I have experienced twice where the website is down suddenly. The first time is because I was using the smallest instance available and has reached its max capacity. A change of machine type and increasing the disk space solved the problem.

The second time, when the website is down, I did a snapshot of the VM, create a new instance(same machine type) with more disk space and it works again. Panickingly, I deleted the problem VM. I can’t run the support tool on the VM.

The problem VM is under-utilised based on GCP’s recommendation. Hence, I don’t think the machine type is the issue this time round? The disk capacity is at 61% when it goes down.

  1. If similar problem happens again, where should I look into to find the cause?
  2. What is the recommended disk usage level to look out for before it triggers a shutdown again?
  3. Can I safely rule out CPU and memory problem since the VM is under-utilised based on GCP’s recommendation?
  4. What is the recommended memory limit to work with for bitnami wordpress?
  5. Is there a recommended PHP and apache configuration for bitnami wordpres?


Forgot to add that, not sure if it helps to narrow the scope, restarting the problem VM does not work.

Hello @4WU,

Without being able to take a look at the problematic VM is really difficult to pinpoint the issue. Besides that, I’ll try to answer some of your concerns:

  1. The way to proceed here would be to use our bndiagnostic tool. The tool will make an initial diagnostic and recommend some possible solutions. If those solutions don’t fix the issue our you have doubts, you should open a “Technical Issue” ticket so that we can check your VM’s configuration.
  2. You shouldn’t have problems in your VM even if your disk capacity is close to 100%. Monitor your disk usage and create a “Technical Issue” ticket if you detect an abnormal disk usage increase.
  3. The needed memory/CPU varies depending on your WordPress. A site using a lot of plugins and with heavy traffic will consume more resources than a simple, low-traffic one.
  4. The minimum recommended memory is 700MB but, as I said above, that value may vary.
  5. Our VMs already come with our recommended PHP and Apache general configuration. Having said that, those configurations may be improved to better suit the needs of a specific site. That depends on the user and is out of our scope.

Francisco de Paz

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