Topic disappears after zookeeper restart

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I have a simple application with one zookeeper docker container and one broker docker container. I’ve added volume management to each with the parameter -v /kafka:/bitnami/kafka. I can create topics and run producers and consumers. However, when I stop and restart zookeeper and the broker, the topics I have created disappear. I can still see the topic subdirectory in the folder /kafka/data, but this seems to be recreated on startup. Am I missing a config flag which will stop this happening? Many thanks.

Hi @graeme_burton_1,

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Please note that we have had some confusion from users recently as to what our service covers. This is a question about our Docker offering for Kafka. We provide support for this using GitHub issues. Can you open a thread there? Our team is actively monitoring them and will be glad of helping you.

Thank you - I will repost in the correct place.

Hi @graeme_burton_1,

Thank you! I hope our team can help you to solve your question :slight_smile:

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