Tomcat Docker Image - Examples not found /WebInf Web.xml

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Trying to get tomcat to work on windows with docker: bitnam/tomcat image.

I get an error that says:

can't read /bitnami/tomcat/data/examples/WEB-INF/web.xml: No such file or directory
Successfully built 2d653477436502af6d4f592fb09bdc05821a0eb4cb48a8688806fdcfcbd65a77
Recreating tomcat ... done
Attaching to tomcat
tomcat     | tomcat 13:23:44.21
tomcat     | tomcat 13:23:44.22 Welcome to the Bitnami tomcat container
tomcat     | tomcat 13:23:44.22 Subscribe to project updates by watching
tomcat     | tomcat 13:23:44.22 Submit issues and feature requests at
tomcat     | tomcat 13:23:44.22
tomcat     | tomcat 13:23:44.22 INFO  ==> ** Starting tomcat setup **
tomcat     | tomcat 13:23:44.24 INFO  ==> Initializing Tomcat server...
tomcat     | tomcat 13:23:44.25 INFO  ==> Persisted webapps detected.
tomcat     | sed: can't read /bitnami/tomcat/data/examples/WEB-INF/web.xml: No such file or directory
tomcat exited with code 2

This is my docker-compose.yml file : the tomcat service section

     context: .
     dockerfile: ./docker/tomcat/Dockerfile
      - '8080:8080'
      - 'tomcat:/bitnami'
      - './website/:/opt/bitnami/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/websites'
      - './website/admin:/opt/bitnami/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/admin'
      - './'
      <<: *tomcat
    container_name: "tomcat"

Hi @chinyeins

Thanks for using Bitnami docker Tomcat!

We provide technical support for our containers & charts in our Github repositories. Our team is actively monitoring them and will be glad to help you there, usually within a business day, and the whole community will benefit from your contribution. Could you please post your question by creating a new issue in the repo?

Best regards,
Jose Antonio Carmona

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