Tomcat 8.5.20 with JRE build 1.8.0_131-b11 Archive Stack

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Hi, Would like to know where can I get the mentioned stack above. We’re trying to upgrade a server in AWS from m4 to m5, but I can’t connect to the server if i change the instance type, so we decided to create from scratch. I can’t use the latest stack because of our app dependencies (i’m also not sure why our apps encounter problems with the new stack of tomcat 8.5 but working on our existing servers). So if you guys can help me get the stack we’re using for our current production servers

Thank you in advanced

Hi @khubilla,

thanks for using Bitnami.
Did you try to open a ticket with AWS support?

I think there will be no problem giving you the version you have, which version do you need?


Thank you for the response

No I haven’t. Maybe I will… Thank you

I need Tomcat 8.5.20 with JRE 1.8.0_131-b11 in ubuntu. I got this way back 2017.
If there’s a way to get the specific version via command line in linux, please do tell.

Thank you

Hi @khubilla,

I don’t find that version the most near to that is Tomcat 8.5.31

I hope that helps you,

thank you, will try this in our ec2 :slight_smile:

Ok tried it but failed, it says

ClientError: Disk validation failed [Unsupported specified file format]

I’ve read somewhere about the format. can this be provided? thank you again

I fixed this for myself by exporting my VM from VirtualBox(where I created it). This exported its into OVF format(I had to change the default exention from OVA to OVF). Then ec2-import-instance worked.

Hi @khubilla

This is Tomcat 8.5.38 OVA in Debian 9


New error:

ClientError: Disk validation failed [Unsupported OVA format]

Maybe an EC2 limitation already.

Thank you for all the help :slight_smile:

Hi @khubilla,

You can run an instance of Linux and run the following install of tomcat.

Or you can search the AMI in AWS ami-0b7884dd21b120222


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