There is not theme options after activate theme

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Hi I have a problem and its that I can not see the theme options in the appearance section after activate my theme and installed all the plugins. I installed the theme in my local and I can see there the theme options, I also tried with other theme and also in local I can see the theme options but in the Wordpress installed with EC2 on AMW I can not see it… Please I need help with this.

Hi @joosemi.1993,

I recommend asking in the official WordPress forum, or contact the theme developers for this issue. It does not seem related to the Bitnami configuration.

Just in the case that the theme uses .htaccess rules, please note that Bitnami uses a different htaccess configuration:


Hi I don’t think its a theme relation as in my local its working fine and also using other server like IONOS Spain I don’t have any problem with the theme and I can see the Theme Options in the Appearance section so I think it should be a problem here with AWS. EC2

Also I tried with two different themes and in my local both work fine with the theme options available but in this case neither of them are available with the Bitnami Wordpress…

Hi @joosemi.1993,

Can you tell me which theme it is?