The file-size of 'bnconfig' in /opt/bitnami/mysql/ is too large

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I have a WP for ecommerce website. I found my website will go down a few times a month.

Then I checked my GCP instance and found one single file is taking up nearly half of the space of the hard disk, and seems its size is keep increasing.

The file is ‘bnconfig’ in /opt/bitnami/mysql/, its size is 8GB, and I have no idea what this file is and how to reduce its size.

Please help.

Hi @maxhuicm,

The bnconfig file is 8MB only, it doesn’t store any data. The MySQL folder is 8.5GB but I do not see any problem there. Please note that the database stores many data and it needs to use the disk space.

Find biggest directories in installdir
Running: du -h . -d 1 | sort -h
In: /opt/bitnami


8.0K    ./img
68K ./config
108K    ./var
120K    ./scripts
3.0M    ./stats
3.4M    ./sqlite
3.6M    ./varnish
4.2M    ./bnhelper
28M ./bnsupport
31M ./bndiagnostic
32M ./letsencrypt
51M ./bncert
80M ./php
111M    ./nginx
142M    ./common
360M    ./licenses
1.5G    ./apps
8.5G    ./mysql
11G .

As you can see, the /opt/bitnami folder only uses 11GB of disk space. The rest of data is outside that folder. You can get the size of all the folders by running the du command

cd /
sudo du -h . -d 1

You can also try to remove all the system’s packages that are not in use

sudo apt autoremove

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