Symbol %D0%98 in URL (filename,repository etc) leads to 500 error

I use bitnami redmine stack 3.0.3, on windows 2008 server.

I noticed, that if I’ve uploaded file or created files in repository, which filename contains symbol %D0%98,
and then when I try to get this file, 500 internal error occures.
(%D0%98 is letter “И” in cyrillic)

apache logs:
“GET /redmine/projects/foo/repository/show/%D0%98 HTTP/1.1” 500 21

production.log has no entries.

what I out to do to resolve this. any apache settings?

I also have another apache server, at the same host, which I use to direct http access to svn repository. And I have no problem with access to this folder (И )


Hi @alexskorikov,

Could you please check these posts?

Two users reported a similar issue some time ago and one of them posted a solution.

Please let us know if it works for you.


Thanks, Jota
This is a solution.

Hi @alexskorikov,

We are glad it worked for you.

Thanks for letting us know.