SuiteCRM Apache web server won't start

Keywords: SuiteCRM - Installers - Technical issue - Services (Apache, MariaDB, MySQL…)

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Just updated Linux where I run SuiteCRM.
Made a reboot after the updates and now I cant start the Apache Web Server. I’ve uploaded the log file.

Please note Im not using a console but a GUI so any console solutions will go way past my head.

Thanks in advance

oh, forgot to mention - the BNHelper said it tried to upload a file which was larger than 10MB so it couldnt do it…

Which updates are you referring to? Could you give more details about any changes you applied?


Hi Michiel,

sorry for the vague description. I updated Ubuntu, nothing more and nothing less, to its latest version. After the updates the OS needed to reboot as per usual so I shut everything down and rebooted.

I worked around it right now though. Read this link

and saw I had the same problem. Ran sudo netstat -ltnp | grep 80 and saw the following

So it seems like Apache is somehow stuck on 80. So instead of trying to solve the problem I just changed to port 81 and it works again

Hi @damodrenator,

Probably that’s another non-bitnami instance of Apache blocking port 80, you can check with this command:

systemctl status apache2


Hi @michiel
Cant tell, I only have the SuiteCRM instance on there. No matters, as long as it works as intended Im happy :slight_smile:

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