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Hi, i am new to Bitnami and AWS, i used to work directly to linux servers, mostly on Ubuntu ones… I have some difficulties in setting up 2 custom domains for my main domain,and install 2 different applications to them, more like 2 different Wordpress plugins but for both i want to use subdomains like and, in the support subdomain i want to use a ticketing app, and in the service is an wordpress CRM plugin to manage clients and service repairs. I was used with ubuntu creating a folder in /var/www/domain/subdomain folder … but here is a bit different and cant find a simple guide on how to do it. Is that possible ? Or i need to launch different instances as i seen in another post… to be able to run the support app ? But how to make that subdomain for service wordpress plugin ? Do i need just to edit the vhost conf, and would be enough ?

Hello @pcdoctor.satumare,

Thanks for using our solutions! Although not 100% sure about it, I would say that you should use our WP Multisite solution with two different WP instances running in each of your subdomains. You can check the difference between them and when to use each one in the following guide:

Francisco de Paz

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