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I have closed down the AWS instance that was using Bitnami (I think). I’d like to stop the billing. But first I need to be sure that I am no longer using bitnami. I am being charged $7.70 per month. I’d like to have someone there look at the recent email I recvd from you to ascertain that I am no longer using billable bitnami resources.

Bitnami Cloud Hosting: Weekly Report September 6th 2021

Hello @richb201,

We are not charging users anymore. Could you please verify if you are being charged by AWS or by Bitnami? In case you find any charge by Bitnami, please open a new ticket using the link below:


We are not charging users anymore. What does that mean? Do I no longer get bitnami support? If you guys are not charging why are you sending an email saying that you are charging?

Hi Richard,

This is a weekly report of your Bitnami Cloud Hosting deployments.

Your Bitnami Cloud Hosting account details:

  • Full Name: Richard Bernstein
  • Email:
  • Plan: Free and Unlimited
  • Last time signed in: 2019-08-16 17:24:49 UTC

You currently have:

  • 1 server(s): 0 running, 1 stopped
  • Estimated cost of running above server(s) on your Amazon account $7.70 / month
  • These costs are estimates, as AWS does not currently provide an API to retrieve them. You can check your exact AWS usage at this page


Cloud “My AWS Account” :

Cost estimation for BCH-managed resources

  • 1 Servers
  • Estimated cost: $7.70 (Machine / CPU: $0.00, Disk Storage: $0.50, Unattached IPs: $7.20, Backups Storage (not included in the total value): less than $0.00)


Server: “substantiator-on-bitnami”

Unassigned Static IP Addresses

  • (region: us-east-1)
  • (region: us-east-1)

Estimated cost: $7.20

Please note the resources above are just for servers launched and managed through Bitnami Cloud Hosting. If you have other AWS resources that you created separately, they are not included in this report.

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Or was it AWS that was charging for using bitnami? This actually leads to another question. I use bitnami Apache and php-fpm in my docker container. But when i log into my Ec2 the name is rather than