Starting "XAMPP" stack ERROR

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I installed XAMPP on my IMAC (macOS Catalina v 10.15.5). During the installation of the package through npm, I had a computer crash.

Now when starting XAMPP, this error:
INFO: Starting “XAMPP” stack
ERROR: Error starting “XAMPP” stack: failed to start machine: hyperkit: [ERROR] Found a reference to cluster 1486883 outside the file (max cluster 1486882) from cluster 444108.3855
hyperkit: [ERROR] Mirage block device raised exception: Qcow.Make(Base)(Time).Reference_outside_file(_, _)
Mirage-block error: Block device is disconnected
Could not open mirage-block device: Invalid argument
Could not open backing file: Invalid argument

How can I restore work without losing any data?
Terminal tells me the size of the folder ~/.bitnami is 91G

Please tell me, otherwise a lot of work will be lost

Hi, @maks.plotnikoff1.

We will help you try to recover your installation. First, I need to know if you have installed any other Stackman app apart from XAMPP. If you don’t know, you can check running this in your computer (please, share the output with us):

ls -la ~/.bitnami/stackman/machines



Hi @amoreno .
Is there a chance for data recovery?

I’ve sent you a private message.

Thanks for the “quick” technical support. A week passed, no solution to my problem was found. Your product has been removed. I advise everyone to switch to MAMP

Hi, @maks.plotnikoff1.

I’m sorry you feel that way, somehow your ticket was lost on the system and we didn’t get a notification back.

Asking a user for his virtual machine is not a common procedure we use to follow, but I wanted to help you recover your work. If you are still interested on recovering it, we can share some instructions with you to try and recover it. Unfortunately our system does not allow uploading such big files.


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