Start Exo after a reboot of Servers

Hello! i just rebooted my server using the restart comand, and i want to know how to start the exo platform again!!! i cant find the file!

i installed it using the bitnami cloud launcher, on a google vm, and i cant find the file!

Hello @jesusdsoler,

You can manage the services of your stack using our script. You can find it in the following path:


If you want to start again the services you can run the following command:

/opt/bitnami/ start

Hope it helps,

Hello @jose yes i did that, but when i try to get into the intranet it says the server is starting, it doesnt star the exo platform with the script, is there a way to start the exo platform, because that scrip its only for the server i think.

Thank you!

Hi @jesusdsoler,

I just launched a Google instance in its cloud and eXo Platform Enterprise works properly after restarting the server. Please note that eXo Platform is an application that needs some time to be deployed and started. Could you access the application after waiting some minutes?