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Does anyone know if installing an SSL will change the IP address in the Bitnami version of Roundcube ??
Right now, the IP address is an assigned DHCP address that is of no use to me.
Thx, Ted

Hi @ted1,

If you configure a SSL certificate in the server, the IP address won’t change. That’s an internal configuration.

Happy to help!

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Even if the machine that Roundcube(Bitnami version) is running on is using a static IP address ??
Understand, that the machine and the IP address of the Bitnami instance are different.
I might not be able to use the Bitnami version of Roundcube after all. It’s OK.
But, have been warned that doing this without hiring someone to setup MySQL and
php including installing Roundcube can be very difficult. Perhaps, advanced.
Apple Server App has now abandoned all services such as websites and email.
This means I need to develop these services on my own.
Don’t really know where to start.
Thx, Ted

I already have my site up and running using Apache localhost !!
Just not email at this point…
I know I want to use Roundcube. I have been using it all along.
The Roundcube website has helpful instructions.
It talks about configuring MySQL and using Composer.
Github is the primary install community they recommend.
Need to stick with it, maybe.
Thx, Jota

Hi @ted1,

I don’t fully understand your concerns. Let me explain what I believe you want to achieve so you can confirm my thoughts.

You want to deploy a Roundcube application to manage your email. This application needs to run in your local machine (Mac OS X?) so you downloaded the OS X VM from here, is this correct? That VM is configured with a dynamic IP but you can set a static IP so it uses the same one all the time.

If you want to use a SSL certificate to access the application, you also need a valid domain (and a static IP). That domain should point to your public IP (and your router will need to forward the requests to the VM’s IP).

If you don’t want to use a SSL certificate or a domain, you can use the application locally (and don’t need to configure a static IP either). In this case, you just need to start the Bitnami VM and access the application with your credentials.

Let us know if this information helps. :slight_smile:

I sent an email to the reply address.
Don’t know what happened to it.
Let me know if you find it.
Thx, Ted

Yes. Bitnami 1.4.4
Yes, of course. I want an SSL on a machine using a static IP address.
If we could discuss this a little more possibly off line ??
I need to get a new SSL for this machine.
They area little pricey so needed to know if this might work at all before I did.
Don’t know how to forward the router to the VM’s IP.
Is there a Bitnami document that discusses this to some extent??
Thx, Ted

You can’t use a SSL certificate with an IP, you need to have a valid domain.

As I just mentioned, you need a valid domain to create a SSL certificate

We do not have any guide about that, but there are a lot of resources online

Happy to help!

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Yes. I have a registered domain in addition to a static IP address for this machine.
I need to print this off and study it for a while.
Whenever I try to click on the :heart: nothing happens.
I thought I was supposed to do that.

OK, got it.
You press on the tool bar below.

Hi @ted1,

This will only work with your local computer or any other computer in the same network. Do you want to access that server from any other computer outside your network? If so, you will need to register the domain with the public IP address of your network and forward the ports in the router.

Let us know if you have any questions

I’m getting a little confused. Not because of you’re explanation but because of my own analysis of the situation.
You are correct. I want to send and receive email using the internet to and from clients on the www.
This is NOT a simply local network. Now, I own a block of static IPs.
The machine we’re talking about is using one of those static IPs. How does port forwarding help me if
the machine is already using the ports that are needed for such things as SMTP 25 or websites port 80 ??
When I first installed the Bitnami software 1.4.4 I could see that static IP address in the control panel.
Then, it jumped over to a DHCP address and hasn’t changed since.
I’ll try to get my picture up here on the Bitnami Community soon.

Hi @ted1,

I was not referring to that. The application will send your emails without problems either if you use it locally or access it from any other place. I was asking you from where you will access the application. Let me give you one example:

  • Roundcube is like the site, you can manage all your emails from there.
  • You access from any place
  • However Roundcube allows you install the application in your local server so you can access the application directly from your local computer or allow the incoming connections and access it when your are outside. Is this what you want?

The application will work no matter you forward the ports or not. The emails will be sent. If you only want to access Roundcube from your computer (and I understand you have RoundCube installed locally in the same computer), you don’t need to forward the ports unless you want to access the application from any other computer outside your network.

I’m very impressed with your knowledge of servers. Most people see my question in the community and
warn me to stay away from them. You can go to to see the non secure site currently running
on this Macmini. I’m also running on another server, That means you can send an email to and I will be able receive it on a Macmini running Macosx High Sierra.
So you see I’m very aware of what is going on. My work is safe on the other machine.
I must make these final adjustments as I upgrade to the new Macmini with a SSD flash drive running Catalina.
The new Macmini is very very fast.
However, when you upgrade the server software, sometimes you have to upgrade the hardware too.
I’m hoping the Bitnami version of Roundcube will save me some trouble.
Going to the is very troublesome.
You can’t get an answer anywhere. And they don’t reply back to you either.
The Bitnami version has MySQL built right in. This should be adequate.
I’m ready to install the SSL certificate(Catalina, this machine) but need to understand a few things before I do.
The new email will read Eventually it will go back to
The new Macmini(Apache) will also need site security on port 443. This needs to wait until email
has been setup and configured.

Perhaps there is way to navigate the Bitnami terminal to get the settings corrected.
Thx, Ted

Hi @ted1,

Ok, so your site is running and it’s publicly available. You now need a domain name to access that IP (you will need to configure this in any DNS provider) and then you will need to generate a SSL certificate for this domain name. You can either buy a certificate or generate a Let’s Encrypt certificate

I’ll need to take this up a little later today. Like you I’m a busy person.
It appears to be a free SSL, however.
This might be nice as I can upgrade to the SSL of my choice later.
This might be necessary before email can be configured correctly.
One thing at a time, I guess Thx,
I’ll run the configuration tool and let you know how things are working out.

I finally decided to buy a SSL certificate. The place I like to get them from.
A little expensive but worth the extra security.
When I ran a port check on my machine I saw that port 443 is open.
This is the secure server port for websites or https.
I originally said I wanted to setup email but also need to configure my site for https.
Does the network tab on the Bitnami Roundcube app allow me to do this ??
I know I need to dig around in the httpd.conf file for Apache.
This is the central configuration file for Apache server.
Once I have https setup and running I hope to get email going with the Bitnami
Roundcube App. This is a lot I know. For some reason the cert I ordered is still being
validated by the cert provider. I usually get it in a matter of minutes.
Thx, Ted C.

Hi @ted1,

You don’t need to configure that, you just need to use “https://machine_IP” to access the application using a secure connection.

You just need to access the machine and follow these instructions

You basically need to replace the server.key and server.crt files inside the /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf folder

The SSL cert is installed and had a few kinks to get out before I could do this. Now, I can’t get port 443 to open. is still a non secure site. If you type you get an error.
To make matters worse Macosx Catalina uses a new UNIX terminal version or ZSH. It’s not a bash session like it used to be in High Sierra. I went into httpd.conf using text edit and added Listen 443 just under where it reads Listen 80.
Still I don’t get anything. However, I running into syntax errors in the terminal because of the new ZSH platform.
Because of this I can’t restart apache. If I can’t restart apache I can’t apply the changes I said I just made.
Thx, Ted