Something is filling up my server to 100 percent

Type: Bitnami Support Tool


 /dev/xvda1      630G  319G  286G  53%

This one is at 53% but it is a back up snapshot from a older server I was using, it is now at 53% but my previous server was shut down because it was at 100 percent and I dont know whats causing the issue

Hi @rpak

Thanks for using Bitnami!

We would need to review your instance configuration to try to find out what are the files that are taking up that space. In order to review it, we need you to execute the bndiagnostic tool to analyze it. You can learn how to execute the tool here:

Once finished, the tool will provide an ID. Use this ID to create a new Technical Issue thread in the forum and one of your teammates will be more than happy to review it :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,
Jose Antonio Carmona

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