SMTP Config fails


In the past I was able to successfully use SMTP to send email via gmail using resourcespace recommended setup --> Now when I use those same credentials to setup in bitnami, it fails to send. Why might this be occurring?

Hi @shalbert,

Please check our guide about how to configure SMTP settings for ResourceSpace at

Apart from that, please note that some cloud vendors as Google Cloud Platform doesn’t allow SMTP traffic through default ports: 25, 465, 587. Check [Google Cloud documentation][1] to learn how to use a VPN to bypass these restrictions.

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I am using AWS cloud platform and the guide suggested and the issue still persists. Any advice on what else I can do to troubleshoot?


if you are trying to configure a Gmail account you must assure that the option to less secure apps is enabled in your account. You can find how to enable it, here:

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Hi silvio,

Thanks for your response. I have already confirmed that this setting is on and has always been on in Sign-in & Security. When I test, the problem still persists. Below is my config.default.php [username & password redacted].I am baffled by this issue. Thanks!

Use an external SMTP server for outgoing emails (e.g. Gmail).

Requires $use_phpmailer.


SMTP settings:

$smtp_secure=‘tls’; # ‘’, ‘tls’ or ‘ssl’. For Gmail, ‘tls’ or ‘ssl’ is required.
$smtp_host=‘’; # Hostname, e.g. ‘’.
$smtp_port=587; # Port number, e.g. 465 for Gmail using SSL.
$smtp_auth=true; # Send credentials to SMTP server (false to use anonymous access)
$smtp_username=‘aca*’; # Username (full email address).
5’; # Password.


You must copy this content from your config.default.php file into config.php without default. After that, you must restart the servers preforming /opt/bitnami/

You could find more information here.

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