SlickStack (LEMP) with Nginx + PHP-FPM + MySQL + WordPress

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It seems Amazon / AWS default to Bitnami when setting up new WordPress VM cloud servers.

Is there a reason for this, and what is the normal way to customize Bitnami stacks?

For example it seems Bitnami already chooses settings for PHP and Nginx for you, but what if you want to optimize all your settings for high traffic? Do you have to go around and customize all your LEMP stack modules in Ubuntu or is there a more centralized way to do it with Bitnami?

Like if I want to optimize the nginx.conf and php.ini settings and etc…

Can I replace Bitnami LEMP template with SlickStack ones?

P.S. is the Nginx FastCGI Cache disabled or enabled by default in Bitnami stacks?

Hi @jaredm,

The Bitnami WordPress listing in the AWS Marketplace is one of the solutions you can find in the AWS Marketplace but it doesn’t default to it.

If you want to use different configuration parameters, you will need to access the machine via SSH and modify the configuration files inside /opt/bitnami.

I do not understand this question. The Bitnami WordPress with NGINX solution is not a template, it’s a AMI you can launch through the AWS marketplace.

Yes, it’s enabled in the solution :slight_smile:

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