Should php_extension xls be in Bootnami Moodle for Windows?

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I have Binami Moodle (version 3.9.2) installed on my Windows based PC. When I tried to install a plugin, the Server Check indicated that Moodle needed to have php_extension xls. The plugin installation failed. Should this extension be part of Bitnami Moodle? How can I add it if it is needed?

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thanks for using Bitnami. Could you check the next link?

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Thank you very much for the reply.

In the Bitnami folder on my PC, I see two php-ini files: php-ini-development and php-ini-production.

Is one of these files the one that needs to be updated?

I am relatively new to Moodle and have no prior php experience.

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Hi @cbennett,

You need to update php.ini


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