SFTP Access to Files

I just deployed a new instance in Google Cloud Platform. Am I able to use SFTP to connect to and edit the different files like config.php? And if so can someone help me out in setting it up?

So I can get to where I can view and download the files but I cannot write back to the server? Someone please help!!!

Hi @tjustice86,

You can learn how to upload files with SFTP to your Google Cloud Platform server using our guide at https://wiki.bitnami.com/Google_Cloud_Platform/Servers#How_to_upload_files_to_the_server_with_SFTP.3f

Hope it helps,

Thanks @gongomgra,
I already have a virtual machine spun up from one of Bitnami’s images in the Google Cloud Platform, but it is not in my Bitnami launchpad and I cannot seem to figure out how to import it in there is that possible?

Hi @tjustice86,

Did you launched your Google Cloud Platform instance using the Bitnami Launchpad for Google Cloud Platform? If so, you must be able to see your virtual machine by clicking int the “Virtual Machines” link at the top of the page once you login with your Bitnami account.

Then, you must be able to use the previous guide to connect through SFTP to your server.