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I am using Amazon’s Tomcat-bitnami machine to run more than 1 applications. Registered a domain from and configure it using Route53 service. Now by using the default apache’s page is being shown. And to access the app_name1 I need to add suffix like I just want to open the app_name1 using and the app_name2 using How to make it possible? My applications are in /opt/bitnami/apache-tomcat/webapps/

BY adding new Hosts in server.xml I am able to open app_name1 from
But app_name2 is not being recognized as I have added

Hi @irasoftwares13,

Look at this link to understand the way tomcat connects to apache in Bitnami stacks. Configuring tomcat itself is not something we typically do. Instead, we set up the Apache Proxy to serve different subURIs (i.e. apache would configure a virtual host to redirect traffic from servername to localhost/app1 and to localhost/app2.

If there is anything you didn’t fully understand, please, don’t hesitate to ask us again. We’ll be more than glad to help you.

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David González