Setting up SSL for Bitnami Grafana image

Keywords: General - Microsoft Azure - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
I’m running an instance of Grafana on an Azure VM based on the Bitnami Grafana image as found here:
(version 7.5.6)

I intend to set up SSL for this VM, but the documentation as found here:
(or any other official Bitnami documentation on the Grafana image, for that matter), refers to an Apache installation that is not, in fact, present on the image.
At least not in the location mentioned in the documentation, and the usual round of grep/find yielded hide nor hair of Apache either.
So either I’m overlooking something, or the documentation is inaccurate.

Since the response headers don’t show a webserver type, I’m at a loss as to what (if any) webserver is running and where I should be setting up the certificates.

Anyone have experience with this (or similar) Bitnami images that can point me in the right direction?

Hello @cgjwestgeest,

You are right. Apache is not included in our Grafana solution.

I will contact the documentation team to review the documentation.


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Hi David,

Excellent. In the meantime; do you know if there’s perhaps documentation for an image with a similar structure that I can refer to instead for configuring SSL?

Kind regards,

Hi @cgjwestgeest,

I just found this online tutorial that will probably help you configuring the SSL certificate for Grafana

Please note that the guide uses /etc/grafana as installation directory. The Bitnami solution has all the Grafana’s files inside the /opt/bitnami/grafana

Happy to help!

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Hi @jota,

Going to give it a shot right away. Thanks for the advice!


Hi @jota,

Bingo, that was the push-in-the-right-direction I needed. Piece of cake really. Thanks again!

Kind regards,

Hi @cgjwestgeest,

I’m glad to hear that! :slight_smile: Our documentation team will work on adding the necessary information to our guides

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