Set up PHP-FPM status page on LAMP

I just posted a “how to” on Stack explaining how to set up the PHP-FPM status page on a Bitnami LAMP stack. The method is probably similar on WAMP and MAMP, but please take a look and let me know if I have blundered in my method!

Hello @BitnamiBubble,

A really good and very descriptive guide. I have been able to follow all the steps successfully.
I hope it helps other users too. Thanks for sharing.


Can anyone explain why the status path needs to be changed to /php_fpm_status instead of just staying as the default path of /status ?


that is because in Bitnami stacks we use php-fpm instead of mod_php for performance reasons. For this reason, we want to query the php-fpm status instead of mod_php one.

Hope it helps.

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Silvio Fernández

hello, I was trying the instructions and it doesn’t seem to be working. Anyone can shed light on what configuration changes may be needed now with new versions of the bitnami image?

I’m trying to setup the php-fpm status / monitor capability on the Bitnami WordPress image. If there is another way please advise.

Hi @mukesh.wani,

Thank you for your interest. We do not have any guide to configure that but if you are using the Bitnami WordPress solution, you will need to edit the PHP-FPM information (php folder) and the Apache’s conf by editing the “wordpress” files inside the /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/vhosts one.

Hi Jota, I tried those, but still when I tried to access the path or used curl command as per the instructions, it still pulled up WordPress with 404. I think that WordPress is still processing that path first and not reaching the PHP-FPM status monitor system. Any idea?

Hi @mukesh.wani,

As I mentioned, we do not have any guide in our documentation to configure this and we do not provide 1:1 support. If Apache is returning a 404 error message, it’s because it’s not configured properly. Please review the configuration and take a look at the official documentation to find the issue.