Servers not running, will not restart

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I am running Bitnami on localhost on my MS laptop. All was working well, but then then all stopped and bitnami says “Servers not running” and when I request for them to restart it just loops indefintely. What can I do?

Hi @cooley40,

Do you have another WordPress installation running? There seem to be two different processes running:

Running: powershell -command Get-Service wordpress*


Status   Name               DisplayName                           
------   ----               -----------                           
Running  wordpressApache    wordpressApache                       
Stopped  wordpressApache-1  wordpressApache-1                     
Running  wordpressMariaDB   wordpressMariaDB                      
Running  wordpressMariaDB-1 wordpressMariaDB-1                    

Can you check in the task manager and stop all Apache and Mariadb processes and then try to restart it?