Second domain SSL cert not working using bncert

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Hello, I have been trying to add an SSL cert to both my domains for two different sites. I was only able to add the certificate for my primary site, but https is not working for my second domain. I followed the video in the below link and I wasn’t able to product the same result. Any idea as to why that might the case?

Many thanks

Hi @ahmad.halak,

First of all, did you get any error when running the Bitnami HTTPS configuration too and setting all your domains when it asks for your domains information to generate the certificate?

If the tool shows an error regarding an existing certificate or asks you to revoke the certificate first, you’ll need to follow this guide to do so

After that, you will be able to run the Bitnami HTTPS configuration tool again but please remember to specify all your domains at once when running the tool :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. I had followed those instructions and was successful at getting a fresh installation without any error pertaining to en existing certificate. I have added the full list of domains. However, the same problem still exists, as I am unable to add https my second domain. That site is only accessible through http right now.

Hi @ahmad.halak,

Can you run the Bitnami support tool again?


thanks again, I have fixed the issue using the steps you have advised. The one thing I did wrong originally was replacing the “server.key” and “server.crt” with mydomain.key and mydomain.crt when enabling a dummy certification.

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