Running a standalone server but Gmail SMTP servers are configured by default. Application IP address is not static IP

Keywords: RoundCube - OS X - How to - Email configuration (SMTP)
When I installed Bitnami Roundcube the default SMTP servers were configured for Gmail subscribers only. I must edit the file /opt/bitnami/apps/roundcube/htdocs/config/
I can navigate to the file using the Bitnami Terminal.
However, don’t know what to do with this file.
Also, the Bitnami Roundcube App is showing the DHCP IP address for my machine.
Shouldn’t it be showing the static IP address instead ??
Thx, Ted C.

Hi @ted1,

The following guide shows how to configure SMTP for outbound mails for Roundcube. The example shows how to configure it for gmail, but it should work for other providers as well:


Thank you. I need to get cracking and stay at it !!

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