Roundcube installation on Windows: "Connection to storage server failed"

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Ran bitnami installer for Roundcube on Windows 7 Pro. Logged in as administrator, Windows firewall completely disabled. Used a known working server as the host, with SSL ports 993/465 IMAP4/SMTP. Login attempt results in “Connection to storage server failed”

Have also tried this install on a Windows 10 Pro computer, with the same results.

Do I need to install SSL certs? If so, are there instructions? And are there instructions for testing the installation with no SSL (IMAP4/SMTP ports 143/25)?

I can install on a LAN Local to the mail server, where I don’t need the security, at least during testing.

FYI an installation of the Mozilla Thunderbird on the same computer, on the same LAN as the mail server, works just fine with either SSL 993/465 or plain 143/25.

Replying to my own post: Uninstalled the entire bitnami stack, went to, installed the ampps stack, installed Roundcube from within ampps, and it worked immediately. Sorry to say, bitnami, you have some work to do on this one.

BTW I could not find a way to edit my original post, even though bitnami encourages me to do so. Hence this reply.

Hi @peterjay,

We are sorry to hear that. We are going to try the Bitnami installers now and investigate the issues you reported. We will update this ticket again once we have more information in case you want to try with our suggestions.


Hi @peterjay,

I just installed Roundcube in a Windows Server 2012 and 2016 and it worked properly after finishing the wizard.

I could also log in to the application using my Gmail credentials

Did you try this method? We’d like to know if the application also failed when using a Gmail account. Please note that if you use a different server, you’ll need to specify it during the installation process.


Thanks for your quick reply! I have not tried it with a gmail account, and I guess that, even though it works for you on Windows server, there’s an issue with deploying bitnami plus roundcube on Windows workstation, both Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro (firewall disabled on each). I would continue to try and make that work, but the ampps install is working fine here, and for now, I see no need to change that.

Forgot to ask this: Why can’t I edit these posts? Thanks in advance for your reply.

New users do not have that privilege in this forum but do not worry if you need to send different messages :slight_smile:

That’s totally fine @peterjay. Just bear in mind the Bitnami apps if you need to deploy any other server and this support forum in case you have any other questions :wink:

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