Robot.txt Bitnami Stack on AWS

Hi I am relatively new to this and have trouble sorting out the robot.txt to get Google to search my site.
I know what is causing the problem and have modified the robot.txt, but how or were do I place or upload the new file to?

I have read all about the robots and have been told to "put it in the top-level directory of your web server"
Any help or assistance in pointing out were or how to do this using the Bitnami Stack on AWS would be gratefully accepted.
I have trawled through the help pages and can find nothing to assist in getting it sorted.

Its just a web site i'm running, nothing complicated



Here is,

Google Webmaster Tools is your friend :wink:

Hi @Robert_G,

Could you fix your issue? Could you solve it with the help that @erchache2000 gave?

Please ask any issue or question you may have.


Hi erchache2000
Thanks for the link.
I spent a few hours playing around in there and the problem is nor resolved.
I have bookmarked that site for future reference, handy site to know about.

Thanks for all your help


Hi @Robert_G,

Let suppose you have a Wordpress application in your server. If you access your Wordpress website as, then you should put your robots.txt in /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs folder. If not, I mean you access to your Wordpress website as, then you have to put the robots.txt file in /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs.

If you are not running a Bitnami Cloud Hosting server, you should use the second option.

Hope it helps,

Hi Gonzalo
I managed to get the Robot.txt working after a bit of messing around, yo tell the truth I am not sure what actually fixed it.

However I have saved a copy of your email and if it ever happens again, I will know the first place to start.
Many thanks for your email and advice


Hi @Robert_G,

I'm glad you could fix your issue. Do not hesitate to write us back in case you have any other question, we will be glad to help you.