Resourcespace mysql export data from admin menu troubleshooting

Hello, I would love some pointers in the right direction. I installed Bitnami on my personal Mac and can access admin menu items as expected. Specifically, Admin > System > Export data: I can download a mysqldump file.

At work, our IT network support installed ResourceSpace version 7.9.8760 for Windows 7 Server (not online) and when I try to download the mysql file using the same method as above, the file is 0 bytes. I also tried connecting via CLI from some template code, double checked port settings, and got this error: mysqldump: Got error: 2003: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost’ (10061) when trying to connect. Mysql is only downloadable from phpmyadmin.

Turning the firewall off doesn’t resolve the issue and our network support doesn’t have any other ideas. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Does it have to do with other server/database settings that might have been overlooked?

Thank you for any ideas.

Selena Chau

Hi @archive,

Could you please answer the following questions?

The server is accessible inside the network but not from outside, right?

Please note that MySQL is only accessible from localhost by default in the Bitnami installations. In case you want to access it from another machine, you can comment the bind-address line in the installdir/mysql/my.cnf file and restart the MySQL service.

We’ll try to reproduce the issue on our side in the meantime.


That’s correct, access in our network, and turned off for wifi access. Not accessible by anything besides computers with ethernet cables connected.

I’ve asked our IT support to look into your suggestion, but I don’t understand why sql export wouldn’t work from multiple computers if it is available as an admin option in the resourcespace menu?

Hi @archive,

We have been able to reproduce the issue on our side and we are now investigating it. We’ll update the ticket as soon as we have more information.

For security reasons, we configure MySQL to accept connections only from (localhost). In case you want to access MySQL from all the IPs of your network, please edit this line at the installdir/mysql/my.cnf file


and set the proper value (f.i

Another way to get the backup of the database is to use phpMyAdmin. This guide let you know how to access phpMyAdmin:

Please note that we configure it in the same way we configure MySQL and it’s only accessible using localhost.

Sorry for the inconveniences and let us know any questions you have.