ResourceSpace link with S3 Storage to upload Video's etc


I am using 2xLarge linux server for Resource space DAM. But resource utilization is less than 2% and data will be approx 500 GB and more. Please suggest me how can i link up this to S3. So that when we upload any video, that video should be uplaod on S3 not in the server storage.



I want to move the EC2 storage data into the S3 bucket. Any one can help me me please.


Hi @umang,

This is a specific question about the application and how to configure it. We suggest you ask in the forums of the application to get more information about it. We also think that you may find this thread helpful.!topic/resourcespace/OSsWnNPL73g

I hope it helps.

Hi Umang and Jota,

I too want to store my Resource data on S3, an issue that I plan to take up with the ResourceSpace developer directly. I have gone back and forth about whether to host my ResourceSpace site within my own network on a Windows 10 machine, or whether to use Amazon EC2. Ultimately I decided to host it internally for 1 reason: using Cloudberry Lab’s Cloudberry Drive, it would be possible for me to mount an S3 bucket as a local hard drive.

I’ve used Cloudberry Drive for years and love it, but there’s a bit of a lag time when storing and retrieving files, so I haven’t set up my ResourceSpace installation to use it yet. I thought I’d mention this as an option for you in case you have access to a Windows 10 machine and want to try Cloudberry Drive.


Thanks for sharing with us a possible solution!