Resourcespace 7.5 ffmpeg and video player not working

Hello @davidg,

Current version is
7.5.7458 on OSX 10.9.5
I am having a similar issues to your fix in 7.2 video player doesn’t work but it seems to be around the ffmpeg application.

I have my code as follows

#Use VideoJS for video playback (as opposed to FlashPlayer, which we are deprecating)


#If using FFMpeg to generate video thumbs and previews, uncomment and set next line.

# Create a preview video for ffmpeg compatible files? A FLV (Flash Video) file will automatically be produced for supported file types (most video types - AVI, MOV, MPEG etc.)
$ffmpeg_preview_seconds=120; # how many seconds to preview
$ffmpeg_preview_options="-f flv -ar 22050 -b 2048k -ab 32k -ac 1";
# ffmpeg_global_options: options to be applied to every ffmpeg command.
#$ffmpeg_global_options = “-loglevel panic”; # can be used for recent versions of ffmpeg when verbose output prevents run_command completing
#$ffmpeg_global_options = “-v panic”; # use for older versions of ffmpeg as above
$ffmpeg_global_options = “”;
#$ffmpeg_snapshot_fraction=0.1; # Set this to specify a point in the video at which snapshot image is taken. Expressed as a proportion of the video duration so must be set between 0 and 1. Only valid if duration is greater than 10 seconds.
#$ffmpeg_snapshot_seconds=10; # Set this to specify the number of seconds into the video at which snapshot should be taken, overrides the $ffmpeg_snapshot_fraction setting

# $ffmpeg_command_prefix - Ability to add prefix to command when calling ffmpeg
# Example for use on Linux using nice to avoid slowing down the server
# $ffmpeg_command_prefix = "nice - n 10";

# If uploaded file is in the preview format already, should we transcode it anyway?
# Note this is now ON by default as of switching to MP4 previews, because it's likely that uploaded MP4 files will need a lower bitrate preview and
# were not intended to be the actual preview themselves.

# Option to always try and play the original file instead of preview - useful if recent change to $ffmpeg_preview_force doesn't suit e.g. if all users are
# on internal network and want to see HQ video

# Encode preview asynchronous?

# Find out and obey the Pixel Aspect Ratio

# Use New qscale to maintain quality (else uses -sameq)
$ffmpeg_use_qscale = true;

However in installation checks I get “FAIL:
‘/usr/local/bin/avconv’ not found”

I’ve tried custom installs of ffmpeg from ffmpegx, macports, brew, just a compiled folder in applications adjusting the path every time but its always trying to locate avconv.

Side effect of all this is I either get a 100x100 px box of the video playing in the top left corner or nothing plays. if I turn on $video_preview_original=false; (making this True) the system plays the file but only if its an mp4.

Please help

Hi @dustin_lafleur,

Can you please check this guide from the RS developers for adding FFMpeg for it?
Also, I have found this link which you may find useful for fixing it.

We may consider shipping FFMPEG natively in the stack, we will let you know if that is the case.

Best regards,

David Gonzalez

Hello @dgonzalez,

I have gone through those guides before but have done them again. Fink is not working correctly as it has installed but when doing the apt-get install ffmpeg it does not reconize apt-get comands.

I was able to get FFmpegx installed onto the system and redirected the $ffmpeg_path="/Applications/"; in config.php however that simply changes the error message from cannot find ffmpeg to FAIL:
Unexpected output when executing ‘/Applications/ffmpeg’ -version command. Output was ‘’.

when connecting it to a directory with proper ffmpeg install I get the FAIL:
‘/usr/local/bin/avconv’ not found error and when pointing it at no directory I get the FAIL:
‘ffmpeg’ not found

From all the research it seems that avconv is no longe part of the ffmpeg distribution but seems required by your stack.

Any assistance on this would be great cause we are trying to roll this out with photos and video.

Hi again @dustin_lafleur,

Sorry for the delay in the answer. What you need is libav for OSX. It should be enough with brew install libav. You will find more information (and even a guide on how to install it without the use of brew) here.

Don’t forget checking that it is installed where ResourceSpace is looking for it.

I hope that helps.


David Gonzalez.

This did fix the issues thank you. I redirected it to the $ffmpeg_path="/usr/local/opt/libav/bin"; and it functioned.

Thank You

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I’m glad you got it working, @dustin_lafleur! Don’t hesitate to come back if you have any other question.

Best regards,