Remove root user from mysql and it chashes


i’ve recently created a mysql database in azure… after create it, i remove the root user. And after that, a have some crashes on the database.

can anyone help me?

Hi @ptparisi,

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Even so, you can try this solution:
Locate in the directory of your application and follow these steps:

  1. Load the environment ./use_yourApplication
  2. Add ‘skip-grant-tables’ to mysql/my.cnf under the [mysqld] section
  3. Restart mysql ./ctlscript restart mysql
  4. Run mysql with no user and password
  5. Run this command to delete the root user definitively:
DELETE FROM mysql.user 
WHERE  user = 'root' 
       AND host = 'localhost'; 
  1. Restore root user:
INSERT INTO mysql.user 
    SET User = 'root',
  Host = 'localhost',
  Select_priv = 'y',
  Insert_priv = 'y',
  Update_priv = 'y',
  Delete_priv = 'y',
  Create_priv = 'y',
  Drop_priv = 'y',
  Reload_priv = 'y',
  Shutdown_priv = 'y',
  Process_priv = 'y',
  File_priv = 'y',
  Grant_priv = 'y',
  References_priv = 'y',
  Index_priv = 'y',
  Alter_priv = 'y',
  Show_db_priv = 'y',
  Super_priv = 'y',
  Create_tmp_table_priv = 'y',
  Lock_tables_priv = 'y',
  Execute_priv = 'y',
  Repl_slave_priv = 'y',
  Repl_client_priv = 'y',
  Create_view_priv = 'y',
  Show_view_priv = 'y',
  Create_routine_priv = 'y',
  Alter_routine_priv = 'y',
  Create_user_priv = 'y',
  Event_priv = 'y',
  Trigger_priv = 'y',
  ssl_cipher = '',
  x509_issuer = '',
  x509_subject = '',
  Create_tablespace_priv = 'y';
  1. Choose a new password ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'NEW_ROOT_PASSWORD';
  2. Exit from mysql
  3. Remove ‘skip-grant-tables’ to mysql/my.cnf under the [mysqld] section
  4. Restart mysql ./ctlscript restart mysql
  5. Now, you can access with root user and your new password mysql -u root -p

Best regards,
Carlos R. Hernández