Redmine install on windows 10 at home but access it from an outside network

Keywords: Redmine - Bitnami Cloud Hosting - How to - Domain Name (DNS)

Hello all,

I am a new user and new to Redmine and Bitnami and I am thinking about installing Redmine on windows home pc and set it up as a Project management system instead of a ticketing system. I think I can make the task bit easier by using Bitnami. so i got it working now and it up and running on local host. no issue

I want to access Redmine from anywhere. see I need a free and reliable home solution for Project Management. the part I am not sure about is once Redmine is installed the access link will be pointed to localhost 172.0 how do I switch it to point to my Dynamic DSN subdomain?

Can someone please advise

Thank you very much


hi @Airbender,

If you want to access the application from outside your network, please configure the port forwarding rules in your router (that depends on the router you have) and point your subdomain to your public IP address. There is nothing to configure in the application for this to work.

i was able to get it working now thanks again

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