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I have lost my machine and only have a backup of the bitnami folder. How do I make it work again without loosing the content? This version of ghost is no longer available for download.

hi @mumia,

Do you mean you have the backup of the whole installation folder? In that case, you just need to follow this guide

Happy to help!

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Yes, I have a backup of the installation folder. Much good that will do me now.
This method only works if I have a working installation of the version I was using, which is exactly why I was looking for the installers.

Hi @mumia,

You do not need a working installation to restore the current backup you have. Please follow the steps in the documentation to restore the installation, you will just need to copy the folder in the same path you set during the installation process and start the services.

The documentation literally starts by saying stop your current server. I assumed it is a prerequisite to have an installed and working sever to be able to restore a backup.

No, you do not need to have an installation running. That was included for those users who have an installation running and want to recover a previous backup. You simply need to extract the backup you have in the original path and start the services.

OK, thanks I was able to recover the posts this way.

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