Recommendations on redeploying a multisite server?

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I’m at the point where I need to redeploy my entire stack on a production site and I want to set up a remote development server that will eventually take over as the production site.

I’m wondering what the best way to go about this is, particularly with domain mapping as I can’t use the current domain while it’s in use. The network has three sites, the main one and two subdomains.

I’ve already deployed the server on GCP but I’m a bit confused about how I should configure the subdomain sites if the primary domain isn’t set.

Generally speaking, I’m struggling with how to efficiently set up a dev environment for this so that I’m not modifying the production site on the fly. Open to any suggestions.

Hi @dahr.chan,

I’d go with 3 new subdomains for the stating site so you can play with the staging server without affecting the production one. Once everything is ready, you can simply modify the domains configuration and point the prod domains to the new server. However, I also suggest you ask in the official forums of WordPress to know how the WordPress’ users manage this situation. :slight_smile:

Happy to help!

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