Ran Bitnami Tutorial for Let's Encrypt, Bitnami LAPP Stack DB not working anymore

Keywords: PostgreSQL - Google Cloud Platform - Technical issue - Credentials
I ran the following tutorial on my lapp stack:

When running sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh start
Then I get the following error:
pg_ctl.bin: another server might be running; trying to start server anyway waiting for server to start.... stopped waiting pg_ctl.bin: could not start server Examine the log output.

I looked at the postgresql.log file and see the following:
For more details see kill(1). kill: (804): Operation not permitted kill: (806): Operation not permitted kill: (809): Operation not permitted kill: (5973): Operation not permitted kill: (7494): No such process

I don’t see where kill(1) is located.

I ended up reversing privileges in Let’s Encrypt tutorial to chmod 666 for my postgresql directory and chown back to postgres from root. I found a comment online about deleting postmaster.pid .
I did not delete but I did rename it.

When I restarted Postgresql then a new postmaster.pid was creating and the server is up again.

From what I read online, I may have made a major mistake in renaming the file without checking any processes attached to it.

Hi @phin_vang,

Chmoding the entire PostgreSQL directory is not a good practice, it can give read/write permissions in files it shouldn’t give so I suggest you launch a fresh LAPP instance (or use the Bitnami LAPP virtual machine solution in your computer) and compare the permissions of both installations, specifically configuration files, data folders and logs.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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