Publish images to GitHub container registry

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I like to see the bitnami images published to

Hi @viceice ,

Thank you for your suggestion. For now, the Bitnami containers are available in and registries as well as major cloud marketplaces

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I know. DockerHub is bad for us because of pull restrictions and gcr needs image name replacements in helm charts. So on ghcr you have the possibillity to publish as** So no image name overrides required :upside_down_face:

Hi @viceice, please note that Bitnami is part of the Docker Verified Published Program, you can read more info at Bitnami Blog: VMware Joins Docker Verified Publisher Program with its Bitnami, Tanzu and Spring Cloud Products

That means Bitnami container and Helm Chart users will benefit from being exempt from the rates limiting from DockerHub.

You can use DockerHub without any restriction or replacement

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Nice, thanks for that information. Didn’t know that. :hugs:

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