Provision to add Project Specific Columns in Review Board

Hi Team Bitnami,

I have installed review board in windows environment. I need some help in customizing the review process.
Can you tell me how can I add custom fields and make them mandatory for the user to fill it.For example

  • Having a classifier- means if the reviewer wants to say investigate , he can select in dropdown, or wants some clarification etc he can select a option in a dropdown.

  • Having column for issue location, so if the application is divided in various components we can select component while creating request.

  • Having column for source code - In this column we can select what kind of code we are reviewing, source code or Unit test case script etc.

So my basic expectation is how to add this configurable columns in review board. Would you please help in this regard?

Thanks and Regards,
Nilanjan Sen


This Community forum is intended to solve problems related to the Bitnami Stacks, Virtual Machine or Cloud Images.

For information regarding the application itself or customization of the content within the application, we highly recommend checking forums and user guides made available by the project behind the application, like:

Best regards,
Carlos R. Hernández

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Thank you Carlos for the links. :slight_smile:

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