Proper steps for backing up and upgrading TestLink


I've inherited an old installation of TestLink (1.9.5-0) for Windows. I'm wanting to make a backup of the stack and databases, and eventually upgrade to the latest version. My questions for doing so are as follows...

  1. I've read the Wiki and backing up the stack is pretty straightforward. The directions are kind of ambiguous though as to whether I need to backup MySQL separately/additionally or if just copying the entire install directory handles that as well. Could someone provide some clarity that please?

  2. Is there somewhere I can find the old 1.9.5-0 installer in the event I would need to restore it?

  3. Are there any pratfalls to be aware of when upgrading from such an older version?


Hi @tkovacs,

According to these upgrade instructions from Testlink, it should only be necessary to use phpMyAdmin to export/import data from the old version database to the new one.

You can download Test Link 1.9.5 installer for Windows platform from the link below, but please note that this is a quite old version and that it may be affected with many security issues solved since it was released. We highly recommend you to download the latest Test Link installer from and migrate your current data to the new one.

Download link for the Bitnami Test Link Stack version 1.9.5-0 for Windows

Please let us know any other question you may have.