Project Wide SSH Keys for SSH tunnel on Bitnami LAMP Stack (Google Cloud Launcher)

Hi guys,
I have setup 2 servers on Google Cloud (both using Google Cloud Launcher).

One is a Bitnami Wordpress MU stack and i have successfully got an ssh tunnel running on my windows 10 desktop pc via Putty and sftp access using Filezilla.

I ahve setup a second instance Bitnami LAMP (google cloud launcher) but i cannot get the SSH keys to work with putty. I continue to get an error @Putty Fatal Error @Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)

I have tried to add the keys numerous times, copying what i have done for the Bitnami Wordpress instance, however i still get the same error.

I am at a loss as to know what is going on.

Can bitnami stacks on google cloud support the use of a single project wide ssh key? (maybe this might be a workaround in that i could use the wordpress instance key on the other LAMP instance)

Its ok, i have got it sorted. It turns out that my problem was with the way in which i was using the keys. I was saving them, then opening them in a text editor (ie notepad or notepad ++), then pasting them into required locations. This doesnt work. The server public key for example needs to be copied and pasted from the putty key generator directly into the appropriate location on Google Cloud Compute Instance Metadata>SSH key area for project wide access(or in the instance SSH key box itself).

This solved my problem immediately.
Also, Just in case others may not be aware…you can access your sftp using filezilla without running putty tunnel in the background. See this very easy to follow and short youtube video for how its done



We are glad that you were able to fix the issue and thank you for sharing the solution with the community. If you have any other question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Alvaro Recio

Its pretty uncomfortable to tell you guy that I am also suffering from this issue I don’t know what I do with this error there is no tutorial I find on on internet that give me the right solution plzz help me if you know something about this error.