Problem with running Redmine on AWS ECS and Fargate

Keywords: PostgreSQL - AWS - Technical issue - Other

I am trying to run Bitnami Redmine on ECS and Fargate.

I have created two containers (one for postgresql and other for redmine) in a single Task Definition.

Postgres image: bitnami/postgresql:11
Redmine image: bitnami/redmine:4

As per AWS, the containers in the same Task Definition should be able to communicate directly with out any new network configuration.

From the logs, I see that redmine is trying to connect to Postgresql but there is no further response

Redmine Container Logs:


e[0me[1mWelcome to the Bitnami redmine containere[0m

e[0mSubscribe to project updates by watching e[1m[0m

e[0mSubmit issues and feature requests at e[1m[0m


nami INFO Initializing redmine

redmine INFO Configuring Redmine database…

postgre INFO Trying to connect to PostgreSQL server

Postgresql Container logs:

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.04 e[0m

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.05 e[0me[1mWelcome to the Bitnami postgresql containere[0m

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.05 e[0mSubscribe to project updates by watching e[1m[0m

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.05 e[0mSubmit issues and feature requests at e[1m[0m

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.05 e[0m

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.07 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> ** Starting PostgreSQL setup **

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.08 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Validating settings in POSTGRESQL_* env vars…

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.08 e[0me[38;5;3mWARN e[0m ==> You set the environment variable ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=yes. For safety reasons, do not use this flag in a production environment.

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.09 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Loading custom pre-init scripts…

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.09 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Initializing PostgreSQL database…

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.13 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> pg_hba.conf file not detected. Generating it…

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.13 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Generating local authentication configuration

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.15 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Deploying PostgreSQL with persisted data…

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.15 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Configuring replication parameters

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.17 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Configuring fsync

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.18 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Loading custom scripts…

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.19 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Enabling remote connections

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.20 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Stopping PostgreSQL…

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.20 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> ** PostgreSQL setup finished! **

e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m05:18:50.22 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> ** Starting PostgreSQL **

2020-08-06 05:18:50.270 GMT [1] LOG: listening on IPv4 address “”, port 5432

2020-08-06 05:18:50.270 GMT [1] LOG: listening on IPv6 address “::”, port 5432

2020-08-06 05:18:50.304 GMT [1] LOG: listening on Unix socket “/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432”

2020-08-06 05:18:50.556 GMT [65] LOG: database system was shut down at 2020-08-06 05:18:34 GMT

2020-08-06 05:18:50.650 GMT [1] LOG: database system is ready to accept connections


Hi, @pavan.

We provide support for our containers and charts on GitHub. Please, create a new thread on or, whichever you find more appropriate to your issue.