Problem with LDAP connection prevents loading Moodle?

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I’m having a problem when enable LDAP enrollment the Moodle is extremely slow. Disabling is normal.

This makes me think that this task affects the rest of the environment and I still don’t see a way to get around it, that is, so that the rest of Moodle doesn’t depend on LDAP (it wouldn’t make sense).

Scheduled tasks do not contain anything related to LDAP as active.

APACHE logs:

[Mon Sep 21 12: 06: 03.419359 2020] [proxy_fcgi: error] [pid 20107: tid 140628033795840] [client] AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: [ENROL LDAP] Register user \ xc3 \ xa1rio’ 111201 ‘in the course’ TAG-AR001- ARTS - T11 - 2020/1 '(id 944) …

Hi @tiago.ferreira,

Did you enable the LDAP PHP module?



I reviewed the settings and enabled the modules in Apache, although I didn’t notice any difference.

I am still evaluating but I have already concluded that it seems to have to do with the way Moodle deals with LDAP registration. When logging on the normal behavior, if LDAP ENROLLMENT is active, try to register, if the LDAP server is inaccessible this attempt persists until the timeout.

I think my problem has to do with a lot of users logging in at the same time, getting the LDAP subscription error and having to wait for the timeout.

I defined a rule in CRON to make the LDAP registration every one minute, so I hope that even in case of failure in the LDAP server, this delay does not happen.

Hi @tiago.ferreira,

I recommend asking about this issue in the official Moodle forum.


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