Problem with htaccess, possibly not working

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After spent many hours in the last days trying to manage HTTP headers to work on my website, I have decided to create this topic for help.

As far as i know in my experience, the default location of .htaccess is the root directory of WordPress. After reading the bitnami documentation, i understand that using Bitnami’s environment, the process is a little different.

The root folder of WordPress in my server is “/opt/bitnami/wordpress” and the .htaccess file that was suposed to be there, now is called “wordpress-htaccess.conf” and is located in that path “/opt/bitnami/apache/conf/vhosts/htaccess”.

Many times i’ve tried to add the HTTP headers editing the file wordpress-htaccess.conf, using the following syntax:

<Directory “/opt/bitnami/wordpress”>
Content that was suposed to be in the .htaccess file in wordpress root folder

… and them restarted Apache.

But i’m having no success at all, the plugins that need the headers is displaying messages that the headers isn’t present at .htaccess file.

Also have checked using HTTP headers verifying tools and the headers are not present.

Hello @Dr_Geraldo_Augusto,

The support tool did not gather the apache/conf/vhosts/htaccess/wordpress-htaccess.conf file. Could you please share it with us? Which plugin are you working with?



I’m trying to work with the Really Simple SSL plugin, to generate the security headers for my website.
And WP Rocket, which requires an addition to .htaccess file to work properly.

The file is appended here: (2.0 KB)

Hello @Dr_Geraldo_Augusto,

The uploads service is not working properly. Could you please share it via Google Drive or Dropbox? Please use a private message.


Hello @davidg,

I have sent to you the htaccess file in private email reply, as you have solicited.



I have sent to you another file .zip in private mail as you have asked.

It contains a copy of the .htaccess file that I have created in wordpress default folder in order to experiment if it was working. A copy of the wordpress-htaccessfile.conf that Bitnami instructed to work with. And also a copy of wordpress-vhosts.confg, because I don’t dont if I have edited this file instead of the correct one.

I may inform you that i have added some lines because of the Humminbird plugin provided by WPMU Dev.

I hope that it helps with the trouble shooting. If you need more information, contact me please.

Hello @Dr_Geraldo_Augusto,

I have not received anything. Where did you send it?



I have replied to your private message via email

Ask me for the password to unzip the file via email please

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