Problem with Bitnami Redmine Stack 2.1.3-0 - Plugins don't work

I installed Bitnami Redmine Stack 2.1.3-0. I migrated database and plugins. But when I try to access redmine, I get Page not found. When I remove plugins, redmine work normally. It seems, that problem with ruby, see this

Could you tell us which plugins are you giving problems? Also, what was your previous version of Redmine?

My previous version Bitnami Redmine Stack 2.1.2-1, I try to migrate plugins: redmine_people, redmine_issue_checklist and redmine_inline_attach_screenshot.

OK, may I ask more question?

Now I have Bitnami Redmine Stack 2.1.2-1 (in production) and every morning I have problem with Thin Services (Stopped). Now I restart services manually. Tell me, please, which commands can I restart all services ? I want to add this commands in scheduled task, that starts every day and I don't restart services manually.


As it seems in the link you have post, it is a conflict with Redmine and newest ruby version. We are going to release soon the latest version of Redmine (released this weekend) that may solve it.

You can try to do the following:

cd installdir
servicerun.bat STOP
servicerun.bat START

Hi, which Windows version are you using?

Hi, I'm using Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP 2.

You should have a script (servicerun.bat) in <installdir>/apps/redmine/scripts/ that you can run with STOP or START, so you can schedule your restart using it.

I hope it helps you. Regards.

Thanks, Victor. I try this way. And also I hope, that new version of Redmine solve my problems with plugins.

Please, let us know if the latest version of Redmine fixes this issue with Ruby 1.9.3p327 and plugins. Regards.

This is issue about ruby version. How can I downgrade ruby version to 1.9.3p194 on Redmine Stack 2.1.4?

I hope this will be fixed in the next version of Ruby. As soon as it is released, we include it in our stacks.

There is a workaround. Please, stop servers and backup the whole folder of the BitNami Redmine Stack before trying this.

With the services stopped, download the following file (the ruby 1.9.3-p194 version zipped in a 7zip format):

Afterwards, uncompress it and, using the windows explorer, combine the folders bin, include, lib and share from <installdir>/ruby with the ones packaged in the file downloaded.

Before restart service, I recommend you to run the task manager to check that there is not ruby.exe process running or restart the whole Windows.

I have tested and it works for me. I hope it helps you. Regards.


Thanks, victor. It works for me too. Plugins work normally.

I am glad to hear that. I hope this will be fixed with the new ruby version when they publish it. Regards.

Latest Redmine Stack version (2.1.5) ships the Ruby 1.9.3p194 version for Windows to fix this issue. I hope it helps.