Postgres Server not running on Bitnami WAPP Stack (permanently says stopped)

Keywords: PostgreSQL - Windows - Technical issue - Connectivity (SSH/FTP)
I have been working on some php site while using data from database and it has been working perfectly, but it suddenly stopped and i am unable to start the postgres server. I have not been messing with the .conf document, so i do not understand where is the source of this issue. It just sort of happened, but it is blocking my progress on the site, since i need the data.
Do you have any explanation and possibly a solution for this, please?

Hi @marekzska,

We need more information about your issue. Can you elaborate it? What is the version of the Bitnami WAPP Stack you are using? What is the PostgreSQL server version? What error is the PostgreSQL service showing when trying to start it? Is there anything relevant in the PostgreSQL error log placed at installdir/postgresql/postgresql.log?

The default port in which PostgreSQL listens is 5432. Do you know if there is any other process running on that port?


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