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When the Pimcore installer first runs (bitnami-pimcore-10.1.2-0-osx-x86_64-vm.dmg on OSX Catalina) it requests a username and password.

Because I had an admin login problem, I deleted and reinstalled Pimcore. However, on this second installation I was not asked for a username and password.

What do I need to remove from my system to allow a fresh Bitnami install which will include requesting a new username and password?

Hi @DrElectron,

The installer asks you for the username and password information to initialize the VM. If you didn’t remove all the files (not only the ones in the /Applications folder but the ones under ~/.bitnami), the installation is still initialized and that’s why it doesn’t ask you for the password again.

You will need to completely remove the solution


and then initialize it again. You can get the username and password from the bitnami_credentials file


Hi jota

Thanks for your quick, thorough, and very useful reply.

I didn’t realise Bitnami installed a hidden folder.
Presumably, neither did the uninstaller I used to remove the application! :wink:

Thanks again.


I have deleted both the app and the hidden .bitnami folder.
On downloading a new version of the OS X VM installer, however it seems to be encountering problems. The firtst time the stack installer hung. The second time (with restarted computer and downloading the installer again) I’m getting this error message:

ERROR: Failed to start “apache”: cannot start service: Control file ‘/etc/gonit/gonitrc’ does not exists
ERROR: Failed to start “php-fpm”: cannot start service: Control file ‘/etc/gonit/gonitrc’ does not exists
ERROR: Failed to start “mariadb”: cannot start service: Control file ‘/etc/gonit/gonitrc’ does not exists

From other posts, I believe this may result from an incomplete stack installation.

Is there anything else apart from the Application and hidden .bitnami folder that needs to be deleted for a clean install? Caches maybe?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @DrElectron,

No, you do not need to remove anything more.

What do you mean with hung and when does this happen (during the initialization, when starting the VM, …)? I just deleted the .bitnami folder (please note that this removes the information of all the VMs you have) and downloaded the latest version and it worked as expected.

Hi jota, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Re ‘hung’ - I mean when I re-installed after deleting the application and .bitnami folder, the blue ‘setting up stack’ progress bar didn’t close (even after many minutes) and the programme became unresponsive.

On the second attempt at re-installing I tried several times to launch the apache, php and database services but got the same error messages copied above. Curiously, after editing the php.ini file, gonit was found and the services loaded as normal.

I also just installed ResourceSpace from Bitnami. The first few times I tried to start apache, php-fm, and mariadb I got the same ‘/etc/gonit/gonitrc’ does not exists’ error and the services would not star, stop, or restart (their status buttons showing yellow throughout). Then, after mounting the volumes, I explored them, could see the gonit folder and - bingo! - the services loaded as normal. Very odd.

Hi @DrElectron,

I understand the machine is still configuring everything when you try to start the services and it can take some time. Same for the gonit service to be started. Does the same happen when you stop and start the VM?

Hi jota, no, once gonit is found it happily stays found :slight_smile:

The difficulty with gonit errors on installation is that there is nothing to show whether gonit configuration is still going on - there is a stack progress bar but that finishes without reporting errors even when gonit has not been successfully configured.

Time, it appears, is the great healer… :wink: