phpMyAdmin through SSH tunnel very slow

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I have a RDS instance (MySQL 8) connected to my Lightsail instance (Bitnami LAMP). My site is running fine, not slow at all, no problems there.

However, when I access my DB through an SSH tunnel (PuTTY + phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench), data transfer speed is extremely slow. It takes minutes to load large databases. Even small tables with only a few hundred rows take 5-10 seconds to load.

There’s no speed issue when I connect to RDS directly with MySQL Workbench, without a tunnel. I understand that I can configure phpMyAdmin to accept connections from my public IP. My ISP doesn’t use static IPs, though, so I’d have to edit the config file and change my IP + restart Apache every time I want to access phpMyAdmin, which isn’t a great solution obviously.

Any ideas, please?

Hi @rak01,

Thank you for using our solution. Do you have any connectivity issue when connecting to the database from the instance using the MySQL client? Please note that a SSH tunnel reduces the performance as explained here. I suggest you avoid using the tunnel and directly use the command line to connect to the database.

But my question is, if you are using a RDS instance that is publicly available, why do you need a SSH tunnel to access the database? Do you want to use a firewall rule to only allow accessing the database from the instance?


Turns out what’s slowing down my database connection and phpMyAdmin isn’t the SSH tunnel but rather my VPN (NordVPN). I wasn’t suspecting my VPN at all, because I had been using it for years and it never caused connectivity issues before I migrated my application from EC2 to Lightsail.

And yes, for security reasons I want to only allow accessing the database from the instance.

Well, problem solved. Thanks for your reply.

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