Phpmyadmin.conf does not exist in the phpmyadmin folder


after a clean install i want to access the phpmyadmin page. Im running on a virtual machine.

I need to edit "installdir/apps/phpmyadmin/conf/phpmyadmin.conf" file but there is no such file in that directory.

Both apache and mysql are running after checking the status.

Any help is appreciated.

i have added the file manually but without succes. When i go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin i get the following error.

For security reasons, this URL is only accesible using localhost ( as the hostname

Hi Wartodust,

We are updating our Apache configuration for the applications. If you cannot find a phpmyadmin.conf, then it should have the following structure:

<code><a href=""></a>

So, the important content you need to edit will be at /opt/bitnami/apps/phpmyadmin/conf/httpd-app.conf

I hope it helps.



Hi, thanks for the response. This file was indeed the one that needed to be changed. Please update the phpmyadmin tutorial.

I am glad to hear that it is working fine. Updated. Thank you for your feedback.

Best regards.