Php-fpm error, added pm=ondemand but still same error

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Followed the instruction to replace pm=dynamic to pm=ondemand in the /php-fpm/pool.conf
But still got the same error message…
What else should I look into…

Hi @johocen168 ,

The problem is not the dynamic/ondemand problem, the issue is that PHP-FPM is reaching the limits. Please increase the limits by updating the max_children value.

Note: It’s better to use the dynamic mode

Hi @jota

I had changed back to pm=dynamic and added pm.max_children=7 from 5, but still got the same [Php] error of PHP-FPM, any other possibility?

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You should set a proper value for the number of connections you have. Try increase that value again and monitor your instance has enough RAM memory to run all those jobs

free -m

Hi @jota

Thanks for your quick reply, can you tell me where I can find the number of connections?

You can get that from the /opt/bitnami/apache2/logs/access_log file

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