Phabricator system users?

good to have phabricator offered by bitnami now, this should make it a lot easier to deploy.

but… i feel it lacks a bit of documentation or maybe even basic configuration… i.e. the point of hosting a git is to be able to connect to it, phabricator offers to do so (or rather authenticate for) via ssh or http. neither seem to work out of the box. at least not in a VM. and there’s nothing to read about on the bitnami wiki page

trying to configure ssh myself, i found that i actually don’t know much about system users of this machine…

but as far as i can see there’s only bitnami and bitnamiftp set up from your side, right?
the www-user will be the usual (ubuntu) www-data i suspect, but what are the daemons run under? and i’d probably have to set up an ssh user by myself?

likely i could figure it out myself, but for the general noob (like i am) it might be a good idea to have some hints in the wiki…



The user that system user that Phabricator uses is “daemon”. We have the basic info for configuring a Git repository with Phabricator in our Wiki, did you try that?

i see. and the other two mentioned are to be configured manually? just would like to avoid doing something if there might be some script hidden somewhere…

yes. that’s the wiki page i mentioned (couldn’t add another link as it was my first post). this has a lot of things in it - but nothing about the actual configuration for a git repo. and as you’ve seen in the other thread that cropped up the other day, neither ssh nor http is working out of the box :frowning:


Is that standard for an ubuntu system? I saw the user but wasn’t certain and didn’t see much of a disadvantage setting up a user named daemon-user.

The web server user is www-data. I’m not sure about the git user.

Yes, daemon is one of the default users that comes with Ubuntu (and other Unix-like distributions) which is intended to execute system services with privileges over other users. You could set up another user name if you wanted to, but I don’t think it’s going to make any difference.

We run our stacks with daemon as Apache web-server’s user So, both www-data and daemon-user should be daemon.
The git-user will be the user which has the ownership of your GIT repository.


but it has to be created and configured manually, right?

Well, if you create your repository with an existent user (e.g. with bitnami in our cloud images), you won’t have to create it again.