Phabricator issue with merge in

Hi there,
i was trying to utilize the merge in manifest, but it seems that the bitnami version does not work. I have left some post in phabricator, and apparently, according to them, it has something to do with bitnami phabricator installation package?
Please see more in the following post.

I have tried another version of phabricator by bitnami and it seems that the merged task is broken as well.
The one i have tried are the following:

And, according to phabricator developers, they should be working. It must have something to do with the installation of phabricator by bitnami?

Anyone any ideas?

Hi @AmazingTrans,

Thanks for the report! I have been able to reproduce this and it seems to be an issue with Phabricator:

In any case, I will open a case on our side for further investigation.

Best regards

Hi @marcos,
Are you using firebug to debug that? Would like to learn how you have that debug list there. So, i can troubleshoot other errors.

Hi @marcos

I also tried the advanced search function, having
Document Type: Manifest Task
DOcument status: open/close

It still returns with no results.

Hi @AmazingTrans ,

Yes, Marcos used firebug for that debug level. I tried to reproduce the error using the same VM version but I couldn’t . I could see the task list on the “Open tasks” and “All tasks” views.


Hi @ Thomas,
I wonder what is the issue then? Becuase, I have tried reinstalling the latest bitnami, and I have the same issue.

Have you tried utilizing other browsers? Maybe browser is the issue?


I have try again and now I could reproduce. It is a bit random because some times it has been worked well. We will try to investigate on our side and go back to you.


@tomasp @marcos
Heya guys, is there any resolution to this?
Is there a topic that has been posted by you guys that i can follow in phabricator?

Hi @AmazingTrans,

We are currently working on this issue and will probably be fixed for the next version release. It seems that’s an issue related to the application itself and not with bitnami’s installation.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Don’t hesitate to come back and ask if you have any question.


Hi @edu_ ,

Has this been resolved? I ran into the same issue using three of the last VM installations:


From a fresh Virtualbox import I log into the default user “user” and create two tasks. When I try to merge the two tasks the “Merge Duplicates Into This Task” window does not show the other task, even with “All open object” in the drop down box.

This is also an issue on your “Demo in browser” instance. The Phabricator demo at does not have this behaviour and work correctly.


EDIT - 20160726-12:07
This issue does not seem to present when using Internet Explorer.
Using Chrome you get the following error:
Uncaught Error: JX.initBehavior(map): behavior(s) not registered: phabricator-object-selector core.pkg.js:193

Hi @leon,

Can you try flushing your browser cache? Incognito mode works too! I just want to make sure that is not the issue before furtherly researching this.

Best regards,

David Gonzalez

Hi @dgonzalez,

I quickly checked this in Incognito mode and got the same results. I also tried the “demo in browser” option again from home with the same issue still present.


This error is nearly always an issue with how JS is being intercepted from Phabricator and served to the browser, either being cached via a proxy or altered via a CDN. For example CloudFlare’s rocket loader is particularly problematic and needs to be disabled.

Hi @leon

It seems that it is a bit random issue with some environments (for instance, it works properly using Internet Explorer for you).

As @chad pointed above, Rocker Loader, mod_pagespeed and other technologies which rewrite page content and Javascript can sometimes cause this if you have any of that stuff enabled. Are you using any of that technologies?


Hi @chad and @fortiz

I am not using any of the technologies noted. Those all server side? I can reproduce this problem at work and home using just the “Demo in browser” instance on this page -

I have just noted that after I do a Control-F5 refresh on a task’s page the “Merge Duplicates Into This Task” box contents loads properly… This was on the VM version and browser web demo version using Chrome on Windows. Firefox on Ubuntu does not seem to have this issue. But Firefox from Windows has the issue but Control-F5 does not work.


Hi @leon

I was able to reproduce it using Chrome and Firefox on OSX. As we pointed before, it is a bit random and we are not completely sure that’s an issue related to bitnami’s installation but we will try to investigate again on our side.

We will back you here as soon as we can provide a solution.